Téma: It��s too dark, not a little bright

It��s too dark, not a little bright, I can��t see the road ahead, I can only slowly move forward with a little groping Newport 100S, and the world without light is suffocating. Constantly asking, where is your world? The darkness makes the soul deep inside me feel infinite fear because I can't feel the existence of light.Money drives people to be his slaves, and the gauze-like sincerity has been wiped away from the eyes Marlboro Lights. A sincere heart is with me, and I drive away the demons that tempted me, so that my little age can laugh at the red dust, abandon the glitz of time, and abandon the world of feasting.I walked on the road of sincerity, searching, pursuing, finally Newport Cigarettes Price, Wen Tianxiang's poem "He has never died since ancient times, and he has taken the heart of the heart." Qu Yuan's "Li Sao" "too long to cover up, to grieve the hardships of the people" And Yue Fei��s engraved loyalty to the country. They told me their sincerity, how revered.Now facing the pressure of the society and the burden of the family, many good-hearted people are chilled by being deceived. By chance, I saw a young man on the road volunteering to help the grandmother cross the road. I felt a sincere spark between them. Sincere existence. I understand that the changes of the times, not everyone has forgotten the existence of sincerity Newport Cigarettes, there are still most people who have a sincere heart, sincere heart Marlboro Cigarettes Price, calm heart.The hardships that have been used have become a thing of the past. The darkness in my heart has changed rapidly and brightly. The original world has a colorful flower petals in my childhood harbor. The long river of memory. When I was looking for the lost petals in my childhood harbor, I suddenly found out that the flower in my hand was my ideal.When I was a child, I often saw those dazzling stars in the spotlight on TV. They are sought after and fascinating, and they are a shining point everywhere, and they are eye-catching. However, among the many stars, I only have a special liking for Jolin Tsai. I was amazed at her unique performances, and I was amazed. At the same time, I have a firm belief in my heart and my ignorance - I want to be a big star like Jolin Tsai.As time went by, I gradually grew up and understood that I wanted to be a star talker and easy! Stars must be versatile, not afraid of hardships... More importantly, they must have a smile that never fades. Just, without experiencing hardships and hardships, how can you practice the smashing smile? Therefore, for my ideals, I have to work harder and be more diligent, and I will be confident in myself and believe in myself!Everyone wants to pick a successful flower, but success likes those who are persistent and brave, those who are lazy and don't want to work hard will always make excuses for themselves.ime passed quietly in the changes of the four seasons. Day after day, I still regard Cai Yilin as the goal of my struggle. In order to realize my star dream, I strive to seize the opportunity and cherish every opportunity. Slowly tempering in one opportunity, growing up, eager to have one day, I can also get my own success and realize the ideal I have always insisted on!