Téma: The so-called Valentine's

The so-called Valentine's Day is to bully singles. So many sweet words can only look at others and say that they have nothing to do with it. In fact, the heart is still full of sense of loss. After all, this sacred day is romantic. The delicate rose is a beautiful sentimental token. On the eve of the evening, the grass is leaving, the moon is only a thousand miles, but I am alone on this Tanabata. If you come, this Tanabata I will send you a flower ball is a member of this city, is a company clerk, work is law-abiding, doing things to a serious look, even recruiting people, can always be introverted She never talked about a love. She can say that the meatballs are also very much looking forward to it. There are many people chasing her, but he is not within the consideration of the meatballs. The boys who like the meatballs have no requirements, but they have a little request. The meatballs are usually very Honest, so he doesn't like the boy who is too straightforward. He wants to be as quiet as her. When she is free, she reads books and walks. When she is raining, she hides at home and watches him with a horrible movie. The meatballs like to eat pasta. She is a pasta eater almost every day, so she is called a takeaway every day Newport Cigs Cheap. Later she met a boy who sent a takeaway. This boy is called Song Yu and is specially sent for takeaway. In fact, Song Yu is not specializing in takeaways. Sending a takeaway is only his part-time job. Song Yu is also a foreign boy. When he is in his early twenties, he comes to the first-tier cities to work hard. The job is to make a break, in order to earn more money, He will give people a takeaway at the time of the break and earn two hard money. It is also a fate. This Song Yu is a friend of Maru's friend. There is a colleague's birthday party. The ball is actually sitting with Song Yu. Does the ball feel that it is arranged by God? Is this too clever? Later, I learned that Song Yu was also a very good friend of my colleague. At the beginning of the day, the ball was sitting next to Song Yu. I didn��t recognize it. Later, when I heard someone say that there was a takeaway, the meatballs noticed Song Yu. It was awkward in the blink of an eye. Song Yu first talked about the meatballs. Song Yu said, it��s a coincidence that the meatballs stunned and responded! On that day, Maru and Song Yu chatted a lot. Two people came together very well. When they talked about the friends who finished eating and drinking, they were all unaware. In the evening, Song Yu sent the meatballs home. The meatballs sat on Song Yu��s battery car. In the evening wind, the meatballs were very happy that day. When I came home and stayed in bed for a long time, I couldn��t suppress my inner excitement. This time comes, the meatballs and Song Yu know each other. According to the report, this is a delivery of many people, but two people can meet three or four times a week or more. Is this the fate? Unexpectedly, the meatballs actually fell in love with this guy who sent the takeaway. She ordered the takeaway every day. She ordered the family, just to see Song Yu, but sometimes it was not sent by Song Yu, the meatballs would Very lost, like waiting for someone to finally wait. Of course, she also did not eat that meal. If Song Yu sent him, he would be very happy. Every time I would like to ask Song Yu to call her, the meatball sometimes couldn��t understand myself. I liked it myself. What about him, just send a month of takeaway and send out feelings? Sometimes, in order to say a few words to Song Yu on the phone, the ball deliberately tossed and said, I am busy, you sent it inside, and Song Yu went to their company for a long time before sending the takeaway to the meatballs. In the hand, later the ball added Song Yu QQ, because if the address book is to save a stranger's phone, QQ will display the person's QQ number, so the ball is added to Song Yu's QQ since the ball added Song Yu's QQ, chatting with Song Yu every night, until the ball has figured out the details of Song Yu, even the work knows, the ball will be ordered on the day of Song Yu's takeaway Newport 100S Cheap Shipoing From Usa, when Song Yu is not there. , don't point. The two people gradually became familiar with each other. Originally an inward-looking ball, it changed in this month. She didn't know what the reason was, or because she had lived in a place not far from the company. It is also a house rented by myself. Sometimes the meatballs go home and order the takeaway of the house. It��s not long after the day��s sale. It��s raining outside, it��s very big, the heart of the meatballs is tangled, and it��s finished. Rain, he will not come Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping, if you come, you must be drenched in the soup, the meatballs holding the phone, watching the phone display, the delivery has begun to send, he opened the phone, is Song Yu, she is excited and Remorse, excitement is because you can see Song Yu, remorse is because of such a big rainy day, you should not just order takeaway. Looking at the dispatcher on the map, and then looking at the pouring rain outside the window, the ball is holding the mobile phone and standing by the window. She is waiting for Song Yu to come, she will definitely get wet, so she prepares the towel, just to wait for it. To Song Yu wipe the rain, watching the rain outside the window seems to not stop at the same time, then look at the coordinates of the dispatcher on the phone is getting closer and closer, the meatball can't wait, he rushed to the first floor, standing in the community Song Yu at the door. The long river of love that I suddenly fell into, although the ball did not explain her affection for Song Yu. In the heart of Maruko, perhaps she already knows that she likes him. The ball looks at the mobile phone dispatcher who is only 60 meters away from her. After waiting for a while, she will not see him, and the dispatcher has been in that position. Four or five minutes have not moved, just thinking about the meatballs, there is a battery car coming over at the gate of the community. The left flash is flashing, Song Yu, Song Yu did not ride in the car, he is holding When I came over, I went into the meatballs and found out that Song Yu was soaked all over the body. The raincoat that was worn did not work at all, and when I came, I was still limping. The meatballs saw Song Yu Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery, facing Song Yu. He snorted, Song Yu is me, here. Song Yu saw that it was a meatball, and he smiled awkwardly. At this time, the meatball took the initiative to give Song Yu an umbrella. Song Yu saw the meatballs around him and said quickly, no need to support nothing, you will go back, or it will get wet. The meatballs reluctantly said, I like the rain, Song Yu pushed the car to the corridor of the community, and then took the meatball dinner from the incubator, carefully handed it to the meatballs, and I didn��t know how to find the meatballs. What excuses to ask Song Yu to go up and wait for the rain to stop and go, when the meatballs received the dinner from Song Yu, they found that Song Yu��s palm was still bleeding, and the meatballs were surprised. Song Yu��s hand was bleeding, and he said no. Concerned about the identity of the two, grabbed Song Yu's hand, and in turn, Song Yu's palm was still bleeding outside, and looked very distressed, Song Yu said that the wind was a little big, did not see the road, hit the road On the side, Shunkou said, nothing is to smash the skin, after two days, the meatballs looked at the boy in front of such a big rain to send a takeaway, no complaints, no feeling that he has Any dissatisfaction, the meatball feels like this male Specially responsible, can bear hardships, under a strong request, the meatballs got the wish to pull Song Yu upstairs Carton Sale On Newports, the meatballs took the towel prepared in advance, handed it to Song Yu, the meatballs went to turn their bags, Because girls buy high-heeled shoes, they always wear their feet, and the meatballs like to buy a wound patch. The meatballs were all in a hurry, and Song Yu sat in front of the small desk of the meatballs. In fact, I didn��t feel pain just now. I feel that all the wounds are everywhere. The meatballs are like caring for my baby. On the wound, the meatballs thought that the wound was broken on the hand. After the paste, I smiled carefully. Well, I thanked you very much. Thank you for helping me with the dinner. I also broke you like this. Song Yu laughed. Sound, nothing, just to trouble you, help me to paste two wounds, say that Song Yu rolled up the sleeves, the meatballs are shocked, how is the blood here, obviously the wound on the arm than the hand To be big, watching Song Yu roll up the cuffs, Song Yu licked his teeth, obviously a littl